Google Analytics na WordPress nadzorni plošči

Google Analytics na WordPress nadzorni plošči

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Vtičnik / Plugin Google Analytics Dashboard for WP za prikaz podatkov v nadzorni plošči


Google Analytics Dashboard for WP nam omogoča prikaz poročil ter pogled obiska v realnem času kar na nadzorni plošči namestitve WordPressa ali za prijavljene uporabnike celo na sami strani. Enostavno in učinkovito!



Google Analytics Dashboard

  • you can access all websites statistics in a single widget (websites within same Google Account)
  • real-time feature, displays real-time visitors, real-time sources and per page real-time traffic details
  • option to choose a default color for your charts, graphs and maps
  • option to display top 24 pages, referrers and searches (sortable by columns)
  • option to display Visitors by Country on Geo Map
  • local websites and business have an option to display cities, instead of countries, on a regional map
  • option to display Traffic Overview in Pie Charts
  • user access level settings for Backend statistics and analytics reports
  • user access level settings for Frontend analytics data and reports
  • option to display Google Analytics statistics on frontend, at the end of each article
  • frontend widget with website’s analytics stats and analytics data anonymization feature
  • has multilingual support, a POT file is available for translations. If you have a complete translation, send me the translation file or upload it to our forum and will be included in next release.

Google Analytics Tracking

  • enable/disable google analytics tracking code
  • switch between universal analytics and classic analytics tracking methods
  • supports analytics.js tracking for comaptibility with Universal Analytics web property
  • supports ga.js tracking for comaptibility with Classic Analytics web property
  • automatically generates the tracking code; the user can also define a custom code
  • IP address anonymization feature
  • enhanced link attribution feature
  • remarketing, demographics and interests tracking
  • track events feature: track downloads, emails and outbound links (supported for both tracking methods: classic tracking and universal tracking)
  • exclude traffic based on user level access
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